Vaishnavi, my debut short film that I had initially conceptualized whilst pursuing my undergrad, for an inter-collegiate short film fest conducted by the college where I pursued my undergrad. The theme revolved around women’s sentiments in Indian society and hence I had chosen to create a film that would motivate women whose marriages have not been an easy ride, especially those who’ve been subjected to abuse. I shot the film in a day and a half, edited and dubbed in a day and a half as the deadline was nearing and I had decided to do this only last minute. This film went on to be shortlisted at several competitions like Chennai’s International Short Film Festival, IIT Madras’s short film festival, SRM Vadapalani’s cultural fest, etc.

Shortfilms by Sharon Jacob

My second short film, ‘Bittersweet‘, is up on YouTube as a private link since I’m not quite happy
with the cinematography and quality overall. However, if interested, please do tell me, I shall mail you the link. 🙂

The video above is my third directorial piece, a filler titled ‘Happy Fool’s day‘. To this very day, I continue to be burdened by how people across the world simply try to make a fool of one another not knowing that they are actually making a fool of themselves instead. This may range from something as trivial as forging our parent’s signature, teasing, flirting or a slight acceleration in our vehicle’s speed to crimes or sins that fall under a whole different bracket like stealing a large sum of cash, rape, marital affairs or a fatal accident and such. The practitioners, myself included, of such seemingly trivial instances wind up committing bigger mistakes, all the while assuming others are fools. Hence, this filler, to help us realize we’re only making a fool of ourselves. I released this on April 1st, 2016, as a sarcastic wish to April Fool’s day in hope of causing an awakening in people’s hearts.

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